Why Should You Choose Seasons In Malibu For Your Treatment?

Choosing the best treatment center possibly seems like a daunting process. Admitting that you have an issue with alcohol, other drugs or the need for treatment of co-occurring disorders is the first step.

Once you make the decision to seek help for your addiction, the addiction center in your own neighborhood is not always the best option. Learn about choosing a comprehensive treatment program and the importance of treatment services that meet your specific needs.

One of the first questions that an individual with addictions issues likely asks themselves is “What should I expect in treatment? It is common if you feel apprehension or even fear when considering treatment. It is a major step in your life.

Seasons in Malibu drug rehab programs offer world-class addiction treatment and understand that you likely have many questions. Each individual receives services from a Client Advocate, personally assigned upon admission. You have the ability to ask any questions of your client advocate or the opportunity to ask Seasons in Malibu drug rehab questions when you make your first call.

Perhaps you feel that you want to enter treatment with a friend or relative that also wants addiction treatment. It is important that you realize that every drug treatment plan is individualized to your specific treatment needs. No two treatment plans are exactly the same as another treatment plan.

Perhaps you need treatment for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders, meaning that you have both substance abuse and mental health treatment needs. Seasons in Malibu drug rehab goes beyond drug treatment programs, offering a variety of treatment options, including both mental health and drug treatment.

Some individuals likely wonder if their mental health diagnosis contributed to their drug addiction or whether their addiction contributed to their mental health issues. MedLine Plus, a service of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), explains that either condition occurs first when an individual experiences co-occurring disorders. The important step for you is that you seek treatment for both conditions at the same time.

So what are the strategies for effective treatment? Does Seasons in Malibu offer those treatment strategies? Some of the ‘Principles of Effective Treatment’, listed by the NIH include the fact that people need quick access to treatment, effective treatment addresses all of a patient’s needs and that counseling and other behavioral therapies are common forms of treatment included in a comprehensive treatment program. The recognition that no single treatment is ideal for every individual is another effective treatment principle.

Medically assisted detox is only the first stage of treatment. Seasons in Malibu drug rehab includes assessments for individualized detox treatment, and comprehensive and individualized treatment. Family involvement is an important part of treatment as well as the critical aftercare planning and programming.




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