Reduce the chances of heart attack

Heart attack is the one of the dangerous disease. In Muscles Shoals, there are many people who face this life threating disease. They find the best heat surgeon and Doctor in muscles shoals for diagnosing the reason behind the heart attack. When the doctor finds all the symptoms which confirm the heat attack then they suggest different kinds of testes and treatment for providing you a healthy life. They provide you suggestions for proper medication to treat the heart attack. If you want to make sure about the procedure then you can ask several questions to your doctors for getting the best results of the treatment.

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What are the common symptoms and testes that confirm the heart attack?

There are some common symptom  that show during heart attack like fainting, chest tightness, fast or slow heartbeat, chest pain, shortness of breath, sudden swelling in the abdomen, ankles etc. There are some common tests conducted like blood test, non-invasive and invasive test, elect cardiogram, stress test, carotid ultrasound etc.

What are the different types of heart attack?

  • If the coronary arteries get blocked then it may result in STMI which stands for ST- elevation myocardial infraction.
  • If the coronary arties of heart are partial blocked then it may results in the NSTMI which stands non- ST- elevation myocardial infraction.

Which type of treatments you can get for heart attack?

Thrombolysis– there are many patients who suffer from heart attack can undergo thrombolysis treatment. In this procedure, a clot dissolving agent is injected to restore the flow in a coronary artery. This kind of procedure is used within a few hours of heart attack.

Coronary angioplasty – it is a kind of surgery. If the thrombolysis is not enough then doctor uses this surgery. This kind of surgery is used to improve the blood supply to the heart of the muscles. It is too effective and so you can recover from your heart attack disease.



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