Learn the Basics of Fire Extinguishers from the First Response Safety Trainers

The fire accidents can be horrific if the office building suddenly catches fire and people don’t know what to do. Panic is the reason for much fire-related accidents. The employees at our office will get nervous and lose their nerves only when they won’t have any idea about how to extinguish the fire. You must arrange for proper fire extinguisher training programs which will enable the employees to have sufficient knowledge about the process. If by any chance in future, the building catches fire, the employees will be able to save each other and probably contribute to dowsing the fire.

Different fire types

The surprising fact that you are going to learn is there are different types of fire, and there are specific extinguishers for each category. On using the wrong extinguisher, you can aggravate the fore. According to the First Response Safety Trainers, you can use the Class A device for common fires from paper, cloth, or wood. To combat electrical fires, you will need the Class E extinguisher. When the source is some oil or grease, you must use the Class F gadget. Gasoline and alcohol are flammable liquids, and so you can only use Class B gadget against the fire.

Locating the gadget

With so much knowledge about the device, what will happen if you can’t locate the extinguisher at all? Well, there is a separate part of the training program where the employees will learn how to quickly pinpoint the location of the extinguishers which will give you a better opportunity to bring the fire under control. The training will also include identification of the charge of the extinguisher. You will also learn how to manage damage and use it effectively for the purpose. Then comes the practical application part where you will learn to direct and attack the fire.

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