Car Anatomy: Here’s How Your Car Differential Works

Before we talk all about Mercedes differential rebuild, you have to understand that an automobile is very complex when you look under its hood. Nonetheless, for this article to make sense, you have to ensure that you are equipped with the basic knowledge for how an engine works. Nonetheless, this article is intended to help you identify how differentials work and what Mercedes differential rebuild is.

What is a Differential?

Basically, a differential is the system necessary in an automobile because it is the reason for the transmission of the engine’s torque to your automotive wheels. Without a Mercedes differential rebuild, your car wheels cannot spin at different speeds.

Why does it need to spin at different speeds? More of this will be discussed later. Nonetheless, a differential will take the power from the car’s engine, it will split it; thus, allowing the wheels to spin at different speed.

A differential can be defined by its three responsibilities:

It is responsible for transmitting the power to your car wheels as they rotate at varying speeds. The act of spinning at different speeds is the reason for their name – differential.

In addition, a differential is also responsible for providing power to your Mercedes car wheels.

Lastly, a differential also acts as a final gear reduction in your car. It allows the slowing down of the rotational speed of the transmission one last time before it can hit your car wheels.

Are Differentials Necessary?

The next question you should be asking yourself is if differentials are necessary. It is important to note that your automobile is very complex. The wheels of a car spin differently than that of a bicycle. An automobile’s wheels use different speeds to function – especially when it turns.

If you pay close attention to how it turns, you will notice that each wheel travels at different speeds when turning, depending on the distance. It is also important to remember that the car’s inside wheels travel a shorter distance than the outside wheels when turning. Moreover, the front wheels also travel a different distance than that of the car’s rear wheels.

So what is the point in all of these?

An automotive differential is important to maintain the rotation and turning of all of these wheels at different speeds; different speeds because of the different distance covered by each of the wheels.

Limited Slip Differential

The limited slip differential or LSD is also important because this is responsible for minimizing drive loss. Because of the clutch system, friction is distributed to each side of the axle. This results in an even distribution of torque to each wheel.

Keep in mind that maintaining a regular Mercedes differential rebuild is important and crucial to ensuring that you are always driving safely. The turning of the wheels at different speed can allow you to control your car.

Indeed, a car is very complex. Even by looking under the hood, a person can get overwhelmed. Nonetheless, you can take in the comfort that you always have your manufacturer’s manual to further understand what each of your car engine’s parts is for.

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